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JustBark works with almost any website, including MySpace, and is as easy as adding a link to your website or to your favorites list.


Place the link that we send you on your website, then have your friends click on the link to see when you are free, and to send you an Email and a Text Message to schedule something with you: movies, shopping, study group, a night out -- or just hanging out.


You keep your password protected calendar up-to-date from anywhere you can access the web -- from home, the beach -- even your phone.

JustBark works, and it's safe!

People only know when you are available to get together -- not where you are, what you are doing. or why you are doing something.  Only you know that!  JUST DON'T BE DUM! NEVER ACCEPT APPOINTMENT REQUESTS FROM ANYONE YOU DON'T KNOW!

Don't have a web site? 

Just email the link to your friends and tell them to bookmark it. How easy is that?


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